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How many things are in the Internet of Things? 6.593 billion in 2015 – says Bosch

March 10, 2014 by


The term varies a bit depending where you ask: “Web of Connected Objects” (France) ,”Industrie 4.0″ (Germany) and who you ask: “Industrial Internet” (General Electric), “Internet of Things and Services” (Bosch), “Internet of Everything” (Cisco) – but basically means the same: the transformation of life, business and production by not only connecting (traditional) computers and […]

Many speak of the security issues of the cloud – (too) few of its security opportunities

February 24, 2013 by


Since quite a while I am following with interest David T.S. Fraser’s blog on legal aspects of cloud computing. Though called Canadian Cloud Law Blog – News and commentary on legal aspects of cloud computing from a Canadian perspective – his expert commentaries are definitely applicable beyond Canadian soil and jurisdiction. One of his recent posts titled ‘Note […]

Reality Check: Using Digital Signatures for Business Email

August 21, 2011 by


Communication is the lifeblood to do business – and email is still the lifeblood for communication. Out of the box email of even the newest software and systems is not digitally signed. When looking at  the advantages the use of digital email signatures theoretically has (sender authenticity, message integrity, communication transaction non-repudiation) one should think it should […]

Supervisors First

May 10, 2011 by


An important lesson learned from dealing with an organization-wide Information Security Awareness program: train the supervisor, or more precisely: train the supervisors first ! Let’s face it: if you are not Google, Amazon or a financial player, chances are high that your senior management has a rather vague idea of information security areas and what […]